My name is Jonathan Bergeron but most know me under the Johnny Crap alias.

Born in Montreal, Canada, where I live and work. I got interrested in oustider art in my teens via the skateboarding, punk rock and graffiti culture.

Since the mid 90's I have been involved in the Montreal graffiti scene under the "ZEN" moniker. I still do occasional mural work.

I am now mostly a studio painter, doing figurative fine art and lowbrow/comic/sci fi inspired illustrations. For many years I have been designing merchandise for internationally known musical acts like Slayer, Guns n Roses, Alice Cooper and Anthrax to name a few as well as doing freelance illustration work for brands like Nike, Under Armour, Metal Mulisha and Dethrone.

In 2019 I was introduced to the Pinball world by designing the Jurassic park pinball packages for Stern, the biggest Pinball manufacturer in the world. I've been hooked on pinball since and have enjoyed drawing pinball related merchandise for diverse clients.

OH, and I really love Star Wars.

Feel free to contact me about your illustration needs.

Email me artofjohnnycrap.

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